Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OSU Weekend

My Grandpa Howard played football for Ohio State back in 1942. Last weekend they wanted to recognize that team during the Ohio State vs. Michigan game (the big rivalry game). All of his children made it out for the game (my mom and dad were there) and some grandchildren (Nick was the only grandchild from my family that got a ticket in). Those that couldn't get tickets, tailgated outside (my brother Tyler and Jon were able to go). We are big fans of Ohio State and wanted to show our love and support for my grandpa.

James couldn't get out of work, so Tali and I went up to Ohio with my family for the big game. I didn't get a ticket and I had Atalia anyway, so I couldn't go to the game or tailgate, but I wanted to go to see my family, even if it were for just a few days.

The plan was to leave at 1:00 pm (though we didn't get off till 3:30). I kept Tali up from her 12:00 nap, hoping that would help her sleep in the car. It worked! She slept for about 3 hours! Then she watched movies on our DVD player the rest of the way (a 7 and a half hour trip all together). She was amazing.

We visited grandpa first to pick up my mom and dad's and Nick's tickets. I asked grandpa if he was excited and he said no lol. I think he really was though. He was all twinkley with all of the attention.
We Stopped at the store to get a bunch of copies of that day's news paper (they did an article on my grandpa).

Then we went to my grandma's on my other side of the family (we call her Boo), to stay with her for the weekend. It was about 11:00 at night, by then. Tali was all wound up, running from room to room at Boo's house.

The next morning, everyone got ready for the big day. Tali and I stayed to hang out with Boo during the big game.

My best friend from Jackson High School, Sarah Fredrick, dropped by with her family to say hi and visit (they were visiting family in Cincinnati and were driving through Columbus on their way home). I had a blast visiting with them. I didn't get any pictures! I can't believe it. Then everyone got back from the game and soon I had to say goodbye to Sarah. (LOVE that girl!)

Ohio State Won! YAY!
They led grandpa on the field with his fellow team mates from 1942 and gave them all really nice jackets. I'm really happy for my grandpa :)

The rest of that day, we hung out with my family at Boo's.

Tali's playing with uncle Jon, wearing an Ohio State hat.

I thought her hair was so crazy from the day in this picture.

The next few are of her uncle Nick playing with Tali.

She has the best aunts and uncles on both sides of our family. She is one lucky little girl.

LOVE this picture, even with Nick's head cut off.

I thought it was funny when I entered the room that my dad and Jon were covering up with Tali's blankies.

Snuggles with uncle Jon.

Then she started beating up on him.

She has my camera case in her mouth.

Tali is watching uncle Tyler. Watching Tyler is like watching a cartoon sometimes.

Not sure where he comes up with his material, but it is pretty entertaining.

Still watching uncle Tyler.

Snuggles with Poppie.

The next day, we all hung out before we had to all go our separate ways again back home.

We pretty much just watch Tali for the rest of our time together.

Love my brothers.

They are playing with Tali's 5 little monkey's jumping on the bed.

She finally let Tyler back into her circle of trust by the second day.

Watching an air plane.

We said our goodbyes to Boo and then headed over to Grandpa's for a last visit.

He was featured in the news paper again the next day. This is a picture of him sitting at the game (on the right).

We traveled back down to North Carolina. Tali slept for the first hour or two, then we sang Christmas carols, and then she watched her DVD player the rest of the time. You could tell she was getting sick of all the traveling, but was a really good sport about it all. We made it back home at 10:00 pm. I was happy to see James again, I missed him a ton.

The next morning I found her like this, with one arm out of her jammies. She slept in till 10:00. She must have been really worn out from the trip.

Back to her ol' self...terrorizing the cat through the window.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

We started Thanksgiving Day off with a good breakfast!
James had to go in and work as soon as he finished :(

Tali eating her yummy breakfast.

Tali, Pop, and I went on a rainy, icky walk. I didn't get any pictures of it though.

Sadie kept Tali company while she ate her lunch. She is a very considerate dog.

We had to send Sadie to the corner.
(It's just too tempting for Tali to want to give Sadie all her food.)

AND finally... Thanksgiving dinner!!


Everyone chipped in in some way or another.

I made this jello stuff.
I didn't get it centered on the plate and it wouldn't let me slide it around at all. Very yummy though. This is what Tali went for first.

I also made a cherry pie, but didn't get any pictures of it. Actually, I didn't even get around to tasting it either!

My personal favorite... my grandma's BROCCOLI CASSEROLE!!
I probably look forward to this the most, even more than pie. If I had it my way, this would take up 80% of my Thanksgiving plate. I'm already having withdrawals.

This was Tali's plate, she probably ate about 1/8 of it before she decided it would be more fun to play with it than eat it. Story of her life.

Now time for pictures around the table:

Mom and Dad.

Dad and Jon.

James and Tali.

Tali digging into her piece of pie (or just the whipped cream).
Unfortunately, this is the only picture of the chocolate cheesecake that James made. VERY GOOD!

It was a very nice Thanksgiving. I think we all just relaxed for the rest of the day, feeling very grateful for all the yummy food.