Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pro Road-Trippers

James and I have driven from Ohio to Idaho once, driven back and forth from Idaho to North Carolina four times, driven from North Carolina to Ohio about eight times, driven from North Carolina to Virginia and back once, and we have driven from North Carolina to the outer banks and back once. Golly, I think I can call us professional road trippers now.

I actually love road trips. I love all the time you have to just sit and think and reflect on life. All that changes when you add a little toddler (or a baby most of the time) into the mix. I was hardly able to find a moment to myself in the four days it took to get to Idaho. Though my little Tali gets an A- for the trip, I am more exhausted than well rested as I once found these road trips to be.

The first day, once Atalia realized it was one of those long trips we take, she became more patient. I had organized lots of healthy food, toys, and movies to keep us entertained. (we've gotten pretty good at traveling like this)

Trying on mommy's shades (below).

We met up with Nick and Heidi on their way moving to Washington DC, meeting at Boo's. We were so blessed to have had this work out so well! It may be a while before we can make it back out east :(

Tali had a good visit with her aunt and uncle, great grandpa, and great grandma.

I didn't get any pictures of the second day traveling, but it was a very long day of traveling.

On the third day, we were burned out on the whole road trip thing. We decided to cut it short because the winds were so strong in Wyoming (we strongly dislike that state).

I had some new and old toys for Tali to play with. I would try to keep some of the new toys reserved for times when Tali got especially restless (as a distraction).

These bracelets were great.

At the hotel that night, we caught Tali using the hotel's sheet as a notepad, drawing on it with a pen...
Can you see the pen marks in the picture? I guess we'll be paying for those.

Tali is a bed hog, even in a king-sized bed.

Last day in the car!

That last hour or two went so incredibly slow!

James and I are thankful for our car. It has made this trip so many times, while carrying a big trailer behind it. We've been trying to think of some fitting names for the car... Ol' Faithful and True Grit were some of the names we are considering. What a blessing it has been!

Some Traveling tips for Toddlers:

1. Portable DVD player! Portable DVD player! Portable DVD player! Mix it with some of their favorite shows and maybe a few new ones.

2. We checked out Targets $1 isles for some cheap new toys and also the isle that is filled with kids party favors (that's where we found those bracelets and a few other toys). That way you don't need to spend a whole lot of money and they kept Tali entertain just as long, if not longer.

3. Thinking outside the box...meaning that you can maybe find some things that may keep them entertained outside of toys. I filled a bag with some of my jewelry that I didn't mind Tali playing with for her to go through in the car. Plus I got a few packs of stickers and a blank notepad for her to go to town with. Also, I had a flashlight that she could play with when it got dark. (It's nice to have some light-up toys for night time.)

4. Lots of new or favorite snacks! I tried to avoid sugary snacks because it seems like a melt down always follows right afterwards. Tali loves cheese sticks, whole grain crackers, apple slices with peanut butter, turkey, craisons, ect...

-Hope those are helpful to someone!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Next Big Adventure

Salt Lake City!

James and I have decided to move to Salt Lake City. We're taking a huge leap of faith and have already felt the Lords blessings. It's a bit terrifying and exciting. Wish us luck!

Getting Out

After spending an entire week inside, being sick, we HAD to get outside.

Atalia loves that snow!

Can you see her?

Spending some time with her Mimi.

Her little trail of footprints were absolutely adorable.

Atalia was devastated when we had to go back inside...sometimes it makes a mother wonder if it was worth it :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finding Some Entertainment

It's harder to find things to do during the winter! Sometimes you have to make a game out of a marble and a cardboard pipe that used to hold wrapping paper. This is the game that Tali and played and kept us entertained for at least 45 minutes:

This actually kept us entertained for a little while during the day.

Tali looking for the marble.

To explain the game... you put the marble through one end and watch it come out the other and then chase down the marble and do it again. Yeah, we are in need of getting out.

The marble.

Once we were done with the game, I made sure to put the marble away in a safe spot. I just want to say that we don't normally play with choking hazards.
Tali has also been tormenting the cat more than usual since we've been a little more cooped in by winter.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fighting With Ferocity

Our poor little family got really sick this past week! The hardest part was Tali being sick (the sickest she's ever been). Having a cough was new to her and made her cry a few times the first day, which broke my heart. She lost her little voice (which would have been really cute if it weren't for her not feeling very well). But, overall, she was a complete sweetheart through the whole thing. She got to snuggle and watch movies with mommy, got to sleep in mommy's bed for a few nights, got to eat lots of jello, popsicles, and fruit, got to take lots of bubble baths, and got to spend a lot of time in comfy jammies or just a diaper.

James took Tali in and found out that she has an ear infection in both of her ears. We got her antibiotics and she is loving the bubblegum medicine! We address the medicine as "pink", which makes Tali excited to take it.

Once Tali got sick, we pulled out everything we knew to make it as easy on her as possible (and us as well!).

The humidifier was like our #1 VIP and the Vick's vapor rub too.

It started to look like a pharmacy in our room lol. We got everything we could think of to make our unpleasantness more...pleasant.

Also lots of "feel good" food.

James is feeling a bit better and Tali is back to her old self and sleeping through the night again. I got sick a little later in the game and I'm still recovering. You can still smell the Vick's vapor rub in our room :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Tiny Post For The Week

James and Tali are sick. Luckily, I'm not, so I can take care of them. There's not much going on other than me taking care of them, so this may be my only post for the week. These pictures of Tali were taken a few days ago...before the sickness came.

Trying on Mommy's shades.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Taking The Baby For A Stroll

Last Saturday, we took Tali's baby for a stroll in her new stroller from Daddy for Christmas. It was pretty warm outside (especially for a winter day). All the snow from Christmas had melted away.

For some reason Tali couldn't push her stroller in a straight line. I had to keep re-directing her.

It ended up being a short walk because it started raining, but we were glad to get outside for a little bit.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jumbo Coloring Book, Picnic, And Cartoons

These were taken a few days ago.

I got this jumbo coloring book at the dollar tree and it has been a lot of fun to color with Tali. Perfect for a toddler, needing a lot of creative room (and fun for mommy too).

We had a picnic lunch in the living room and watched cartoons.

Here is a picture of the hole that Tali put in my sandwich. How rude.