Thursday, June 21, 2012

Creative Make-up Family Night

For family night, we had a creative make-up play time. Atalia absolutely loved this. We let her go crazy with my make-up, coloring mine and James' faces with eye shadow and blush, mostly. 

James and Atalia's finish product!

Atalia was cracking us up with the funny things she was saying as she was doing our make-up.

I think James gets extra props for participating. A very good daddy :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chalking It Up

 Our day of chalk play...

Hopscotch, a must.

My sloppy roadwork with a lake, a park, school, and a house.

Colored circles to jump from one to another.

Tali asked me to draw her cousin, Sage.

Tali's outlined body, made into a monster.

Another tracing of Tali's body made into a monster.

Man, I love sidewalk chalk.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Goat And Trampoline-Filled Memorial Day

 James' grandma has a family reunion every year on Memorial Day and we were able to go. This has been the second year we've been able to make it up as a family. I'm a bit awkward with making conversation with people I don't know very well, but everyone was very nice and made it very easy. Afterwards, we went Uncle Boyd's (Grandma's brother) (not sure of the spelling) house, where there were some baby goats.

Tali got preoccupied with some flowers.

I think James wouldn't mind having a goat someday.

This little guy was the daddy. And a sweetheart.

Tali's first time on a trampoline! Very exciting! No one else was aloud on, unless they were just sitting. Sometimes, I love how cautious she is.

Tali said that this little girl is her best friend... though she says that about everyone.

Trying very hard to feed the goats.

Love this picture with Uncle Boyd and Tali walking down the path.

We walked over to the farm that grandma grew up on (someone else in the family owns it now). We looked at the chickens, bunnies, ducklings, horses, pigs, donkey's, and probably something else that I'm forgetting. It was a lot of fun, but Tali was starting to get pretty tired.

We had dinner with James' family and Tali had her first cotton candy. She loved it.

A really nice Memorial Day.

A few thoughts from that day:

1. Tali got some good practice on how to climb a ladder on the swingset there. One of those things that you never think of someone having to learn to do. Hope that she's not embarrassingly late on learning how to do this.

2. She is starting to cry a little bit when she doesn't get her way. Something I really won't tolerate. Though, it's a bit hard to figure out a perfect way to handle. She is a sensitive little girl and seems to get her heart broken easily. Reminds me of myself as a child.

3. She has cute, little freckles coming out this summer. Reminds me of some of the pictures I've seen of James as a kid. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mountain Man Rendezvous

 We went to a Mountain Man Rendezvous with my dad.
It was interesting. I felt instantly out of place when we arrived lol. I really didn't feel like I belonged, everyone was decked out in their mountain man clothing and they were definitely playing the mountain man part. Some you could tell probably were real-deal mountain men, but others... it was dress-up. It was all in good fun though and they were having a good time.

James and I got something to eat called, A Walking Taco. Sooo... what they do for this Walking Taco is cut open a Frito's bag and just add fixings of chili, salsa, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream. It was really good lol. I thought it was funny how they just served it in the Frito's bag.

It was chilly! We weren't quite prepared for how chilly it got.

Haha Tali probably looked the most out of place out of all of us at the Mountain Man Rendezvous.

Sorry, dad! I got you with your mouth full!

A storm was a comin', it's time to go!

After we got some home-brewed root bear, we left. As we were heading out, there were some mountain men coming in and one said loudly, "A little wind picks up and people start leaving!" I was offended lol. I wanted to be like, "I HAVE A TODDLER! We are not dressed up in wool clothing like the rest of you. DO I LOOK LIKE A MOUNTAIN MAN?!" lol I had a not so nice thought as we were pulling out that the freezing rain that was starting would have to make him turn right around and leave. Not proud of that thought.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

For My Brother!

 Just a little explanation of the video:

All three of my brothers live in the east and got together to celebrate Jon's birthday, a few weeks ago. We were set-up on the computer to face chat and say "Happy Birthday!" when he walked into the room. 

I miss my brothers :(

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Tarzan Family Movie Night

 Not a lot to this post... for family night, we rented Tarzan and popped popcorn and watched it all together. Pretty much it lol.

It was Atalia's first time watching Tarzan (originally I wanted Aladin, but they didn't have it at Blockbuster). At first, she was mad when I picked it out to watch.. she wanted some cartoon-Star Wars movie, but once we turned it on she instantly liked it. 

I thought it was fitting to put her in her new monkey jammies for the Tarzan movie.

There was this part when Tarzan was doing all these rope swinging moves and out of nowhere, we heard Atalia say, "He....IS....SO....Cool." It cracked us up. Then there was another part when Tarzan kills a jaguar and while she was watching it, she started giving her tough superhero pose and tough guy face, walking slowly toward the TV. That also cracked us up. 

It was fun. The movie made James and I laugh more than we expected or remembered from it. Another happy night with the family.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thanks For The Help

 I thought, hmmmm... Tali might have fun helping me make fruit kabobs for dinner tonight. She was excited at first, but then it became stressful for me worrying about her skewering herself with the pointy stick. It ended up being her watching me do most of them while she watched, played around, and ate the fruit.

We had a little cookout outside for dinner.

This is our little portable gas grill that we got as a wedding gift. We love it.

We had hotdogs, turkey burgers, macaroni salad (Homemade, I might add. Are you slightly impressed? Don't be. It didn't turn out very good lol. I hate trying out a new recipe and it not turning out good! One of the most frustrating things in life, I think.), and our fruit kabobs. (I think the word, "kabob" is fun to say.)

It was a lot of fun being outside all together. "All together" is my favorite. I think quality time is my love language, it fills my love reservoir right up :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5 Years Married

 James and I have been married for 5 years on May 31. Oh. My. Goodness. 
We had a low-key anniversary. He got me breakfast, we exchanged gifts, he went to work, we wrote our love for each other on our facebook status's, he brought home dessert from the Dodo (they have amazing desserts), we got some dinner, put Tali to bed, and had an Awake marathon on hulu (btw, a must watch show!), while we ate our yummy desserts. Not much, but nice.

The next day my mom and dad surprised us by spontaneously coming down to watch Atalia so that we could go see a movie. We saw, This Means War at our cheap movie theater and liked it a lot :) Thanks mom and dad, we really appreciated it! 

No pictures of our day, but what I can share is what I gave James for our anniversary. Money is low (as always lol), so I took some pictures of Atalia outside wearing her daddy's shoes, printed them off, picked my three favorites, and put them in a nice three-photo picture frame for him to put on his desk at work. I thought I should have put a picture of me in there too, but I don't like any pictures of myself as you can probably tell as pictures of me are scarce. Oh, well. Pretty, little Tali will have to do :)

These are the photo's I picked from for James' picture frame...

I have to say, I love her pretty little squinty, crescent, moon-shaped eyes that she gets with a big smile.

This one is probably one of my favorites (below).

It's not easy walking in Daddy's shoes. It wasn't much, but I thought it turned out nice. I love my husband very much.