Saturday, September 11, 2010

We got up this morning and went to two fairs. The first one was like an emergency prepared fair. Which was kinda neat actually, with lots of pamphlets on things that you can work on to be ready for in life. I always like a "to-do" list, so I gobbled those up.
The second one was a town fair. It was a lot of fun seeing Atalia take in all the sights and sounds. She would start dancing as we passed by booths playing music, rudely ignored Ronald McDonald, loved bouncing her balloon, and pointed to everything in between. James had his first deep fried twinkie (yum) and I had a deep fried swiss roll (yum yum) (James described his twinkie as the most delicious doughnut he's ever had). We also tried deep fried pickles. They were good, but one was more than enough for me. Atalia was so sleepy on her way home and I think she is going to be taking an extra long nap today (I LOVE fairs!). Maybe that means I can start on that baby blanket I've been wanting to do :) Love starting out days with lots of fun things to do and then still have lots of time left in the day for more!
Our camera broke, so until we figure out a camera, I have no updated pictures (drives me crazy!). I get easily bored without pictures though, so I posted some pictures that I found on the internet to show you best what our food looked like.

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