Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's A Disorganized Person To Do?

James bought me this book last Mother's Day. He didn't get it for me because he thinks I need to be more organized, but because I love self-improvement type books that give me ideas of tiny (and sometimes not so tiny) projects to do.

This book is great! Some of my favorite tips from it includes lists of produce letting you know what can be stored at room temperature (and for how long) and what should be refrigerated, one-hour cleaning projects, and lots of information on how to de-clutter your home. I REALLY hate clutter. It can make me feel like I'm going crazy a little bit. I decided a few months ago that once a week I'll find a way to de-clutter an area and organize it in a pretty way and use a tip from my book, What's A Disorganized Person To Do. Little by little, it makes me feel better and better.

My de-clutter project today was to get a cute cork-board to hang those things that you need to keep in sight so you can remember to do them, but not wanting them just lying around everywhere. We went to one of my favorite places, Hobby Lobby and got this cork-board to use. It was 50% off, which was a bonus! James didn't really see the point in buying a cork-board that was framed. He feels like pictures should be framed, not cork-boards. lol I thought that was humorous, hearing a guy's perspective on it. I just want it to look pretty too.

Oh and that is Max and Ruby playing on the screen, my favorite cartoon that Tali watches. James says that I am Ruby in that show (not exactly a compliment, but that's okay) (she can be a bit controlling). I love that show for Tali because it's not obnoxious like a lot of other cartoons these days and Max's older sister, Ruby shows a lot of patience with her younger brother, which is being a good example for little kids. Anyway, that's my little random blurb on that.


  1. i laughed at the part that james said! eric would have said the same thing! :) i go nuts when things don't look pretty. hehe. i used to be a disorganized person, but wife/motherhood kinda forces people to become organized. what a good book to have! if i ever see it, i will have to take a look at it!

  2. Yeah, me too! I've definitely become more of an organized person too since I got married/became a mother.