Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Content and Happy

Yesterday, we ran out to run some errands together as a family. I was looking for some cute thumbtacks at Target. I found out quickly that they didn't have what I was looking for, but James and I were just enjoying being out and enjoying looking around together. Atalia was content looking around and making some goofy noises.

We were starting to get hungry for dinner, so we decided it would be nice to go into McDonalds and sit down (we rarely ever eat inside fast-food restaurants, it's always drive-thru if we do).

We got Tali her first Happy Meal! She was just loving sitting in the booth, probably making her feel like a big girl, playing with her happy meal toy, drinking her juice, and eating her fries (she didn't really go for the chicken nuggets...she must be slightly crazy).

She was having fun eating her fries.
She started grabbing her fries out of the bag with her mouth, not using her hands. That must have been fun.

She started off taking one bite of a fry and then putting it on the table. Eventually she progressed to eating more of a fry before putting it on the table.

She was loving her juice.

I'm trying to help her learn that when she has a straw she doesn't need to tip her drink up to get more.

It was fun family time. Tali was content and happy, so mommy was content and happy, which makes daddy content and happy lol. It was really nice just enjoying being together as a family. One of those moments that you just sit back and enjoy the memory being made with the company you're sharing it with.

Maybe next time we'll try McDonalds play area...maybe.

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  1. We have yet to tackle the McDonald's play area. I know what you mean about happy kids, though. I think I am starting to understand the saying - "When mom's happy, everyone's happy." - a little better now.