Saturday, February 19, 2011

Atalia Plays With Daddy

Please ignore the mess in the background. My excuse is that we were still unpacking.

For fun, we got some books at the DI for Tali. The DI here, is three stories! Kind of amazing!

The point of this video was to catch her laughing at this spot in the cartoon that makes her laugh. It's really cute when your little child starts to kind of understand her shows and it's fun to see the things that make her laugh. She actually didn't laugh as hard as she normally does, of course, for the one time I try to catch it on video.

Daddy makes Atalia fly! They were playing on a toddler mattress... in case you were wondering what that was.

Sorry for the videos not fitting very well. By the time I realized that I didn't make them smaller, I was already done uploading them and I don't feel up to re-doing it.

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