Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Visit With My Mom

Sometimes I take an obnoxious amount of pictures and then other times I don't take a single one. For some reason I didn't take very many while my mom was visiting. I got some of Atalia in her suit case the first day that I posted yesterday and some of Atalia on her last day. But nothing in-between. We had a lot of fun though. We rented some movies, explored the Gateway mall, drove around the city, and did some more shopping in the Sugar House area. Now she is off to see my sister and her new baby.

This was right before we went out the door to do a little shopping for my new nephew.

Poppie drove down to pick up Mimi, but before they left, we were able to get some food in and a snuggle from Tali too.

I couldn't believe she could fit into such a tiny box!

It was a nice visit, but we had been going non-stop way before my mom had even arrived and I was pretty exhausted when it was over. James and I were ready to get things back to normal again.

I was ready to get some rest :)

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