Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adventure Is Out There

For family night, we went road tripping.

My made up rules (that I may have forgotten to share with James until halfway through our adventure):

-Get in the car and just go!
-See where we end up in a few hours
-Discover a new place
-No maps or GPS's

We grabbed drinks, chips, and dip to sustain us on our way out.

We headed down a canyon. TONS of bikers were out on this road. I personally don't like sharing the road with them (I'm just very concerned for their safety).
We found beautiful views in no time!
(Sorry, it's a bit blurry)

But, the thing about going out with no plan is . . . somehow, we ended right back in Salt Lake.
This annoys me as you will soon find out.

Weird, alien stop lights. This adventure just got spicier.
Maybe it's a sign that we are about to discover something.

Ah hah! Cottonwood Canyon, hello. Nice to meet you.

We found lots of trails and picnic areas tucked away throughout this road.

The trail we chose to travel, reminded me of my family's childhood cottage in Canada.

I started thinking, "What if a mountain lion is stalking us right now?"

Why do I do that?

So, the place that we ended up discovering didn't end up being too far from our home . . . yet still took us hours to find. We aren't very good at this spontaneous road trip thing. Maybe a plan was necessary.

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