Monday, August 8, 2011

Gateway Mall Fountains

Last Monday, for family night, we went to the Gateway Mall and let Tali play in the fountains.

Loads of fun!

She hardly let the water touch her though, the lil' wimp :)

It was a lot of fun and a free activity. Double whammy.
When it was time to go, we coaxed her home with a chocolate sunday and it was a pretty perfect evening.

What I love at the Gateway mall:

1. Z Gallerie- I dream about decorating my home in all of their decorative things. Seriously, check it out!

2. A TWO floor Forever 21!! Yes, indeedy.

3. Their amazing theater! When you buy a ticket, they also have you pick your seats (the down side being the stress of making sure you find your right seat), and their concessions are amazing with SOOO many more choices than any other theater I've ever been to.

I also dream about checking out their Discovery Kids museum-thingy-place!


  1. Looks fun Riss! two floors of forever 21 sounds so overwhelming though! I could hardly ever choose in a regular sized store! but I wouldn't mind checking it out :)

    is the fountain mall thingy in slc?

  2. Jen, we should hang out there when you are visiting! Yup, it's in Salt Lake.