Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To The Mountains!

Last Friday, we got together with some of our friends and headed up to Millcreek Canyon. There are little pockets everywhere off the road with fire pits and picnic tables.

Tali was SO excited to go to the mountain!

She quickly grabbed this hat as we were getting ready to go.

I found this whole outfit humorous. I think it was the socks for some reason. And the hat.

I was ready an hour early because I was so excited.

I didn't get any pictures until we had packed everything up and were heading back. Sad. We cooked hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire. The boys got the fire started and kept it going. Tali ran around gathering twigs, rocks, and other fixings from the forest for the fire. Pam and I tried to keep baby, Eli on one of the six blankets that we brought. It was so much fun! Plus, an inexpensive activity and we got to be out in the fresh air!

We had so much fun with the Niessink's!

The best part was that this is just 10 minutes away! We love that about Salt Lake!

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