Monday, September 26, 2011

Homemade Hair Masks And Face Masks

A couple weeks ago, for family night, we did these homemade hair masks and face masks.

My husband really is a good sport.
James hated every minute of it as we put the gooey hair mixture in his hair. He gets grossed out with certain gooey, textures. But, he did it in the spirit of family night!

I thought Atalia would be all for this activity, she LOVES playing with her food! But, Atalia was sick this day, poor girl :( She just wasn't quite herself.

I think I threw out the paper with the recipes on it, but I did find my shopping list for that day. So, I can at least share what was in it!

Hair Mask:

- Banana
- Honey
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Salt

Face Mask:


I didn't get any pictures of us wearing the face masks. We let Atalia sit out the face masks, she just wasn't feeling up for it.

But, she was up for taking some pictures! lol

James thought that the hair masks DID make all our hair look shinier. I couldn't tell a difference.

It was hard to wash out of Atalia's and mine's hair. See those little pieces of avocado? Those stayed with us for another day or two lol. Even after multiple washings haha. So, it looked like we had really bad dandruff for a few days. It was funny. I didn't go out.

I had no make-up on, so that means no picture of my face. But you can see all those ity-bity pieces of avocado in my hair too.

Just LOVE this little girl.

I really loved the cucumber mask that we did too. It makes your face feel all fresh :)

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