Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trying Out Millie's

Is this a restaurant review? It's going to sound a lot like one...
Millie's Burgers is on 2100 S. and we've been wanting to try it out.
We don't eat out a lot, but wanted to try something new and could afford. This was the perfect place for that.

Hello, Millie's...

No, it's not that nice of a place, but sometimes that's exactly what I'm in the mood for.

Their burgers were good and average... nothing extraordinary.

I did like their fries.
Oh! And they had good fry sauce!
(That's a big deal to me and James)

Once their fried zucchini's cooled down, they were pretty good!

Plus, they had 25 cent machines to buy little goodies for a toddler! Classy! lol

I know it doesn't sound like I like the place much, but I really do. The people there seemed like they had been going to the, 'Millie's just around the corner' for years. The food was nothing spectacular, but it was happy. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for that kind of a place. Ever feel like that? Having millions of choices of fun, exciting places to eat, but just want a simple diner?

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  1. I love fry sauce, too! Sometimes Michael laughs at me because it seems like I eat more fry sauce than fries...