Monday, February 13, 2012

Forcing Myself

Since my sister has passed away, it's been hard to motivate myself to blog anymore. It's like I want to because I love it, but it also brings up a lot of pain of missing her. She's the reason I started blogging and we even talked about starting a blog together. I was always excited to see if she had read my latest blog post yet and left a comment. It breaks my heart to kinda move on too. I know she doesn't want me to feel this way, but it's still hard. I think I just need to start forcing myself and hopefully it will get easier... So here I go, forcing myself...

Here are just some photo's of nothing particular, taken before Christmas.

Atalia with some paint on here face.

The rest are from some time we spent at the park with my parents.

I thought it was funny that Atalia has her purse in her hand while she's going down the slide.

Okay, it's not much, but it's a start.


  1. Baby girl you are doing an amazing job of staying present. I know what Jenny means to you, and I know how much every second of your day is surrounded by reminders of her, and your terrible loss.

    I love you Riss xoxo

  2. I've missed your frequent posts!! {But I understand that you need to take your time getting back into it.} Love you!

  3. She's a doll and you're a trooper. XOXOXOXO!!!

  4. Beautiful Daughter of mine. Jenny is so proud of you and the deep love you have for her will add to the force for good in your life! Laurissa, the battle for us to return rages on! You are a vital part of truth! The Lord will bless you for your strength. Kiss my Tali for me! xoxo