Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Homemade Christmas Gifts 2011

I made homemade gifts for everyone last Christmas. I love doing that, putting all my love in a gift for someone!

I had an idea for Tali, to make this piece of furniture into a dress-up container.

We found this at the DI (like a Goodwill) and needed to call on my dad for some help.

See how there is that gap in-between the drawers and cupboard? Well, I wanted to switch that up and put that cubby/shelf part on top, so that Tali can reach in and get her dress-up clothes. My dad made it happen!

All better!

...now just need to add about 10-20 coats of paint (it took a lot of coats), some hooks, and mirrors...

Yay! Thanks dad, for lots of help!

We still need to add the grey hooks (found that we didn't have the right size of screws at the last minute) and I've been entertaining the idea of painting the inside yellow or something.

Love it! Also helps contain some other toys of hers.

I made these little I Spy books for my niece, Sage and nephew, Raden.

Here's Sage's.

Here's Radens.

I made coasters for the women in the family... and Tyler...

Cute Heidi and her coasters!

Mom and hers, they've already gotten plenty of use.

Boo and hers! I tried to match her couches in her living room :)

Jen and hers!
Jen and I always had a special gift-exchange for Christmas that we starting doing in Middle School/High School. It's going to be hard not making her something next year... almost just want to do it anyway.

Miss her so much.
Tyler got mustache ones...
There was some miscommunication in this picture...
Mom was trying to use her hair on Tyler to make a mustache and Tyler was trying to use the coaster to be his mustache... instead we got some fun chaos.

Tyler and his!

I got another picture of his to see them better... wish I would have done the same with everyone else's :(

These are the ones I made for my mother-in-law! I picked that paper for her coasters because it reminds me of the children's story telling that they do.

I didn't get a picture of the ones I made for James' Grandma Hansen! They were really cute too!

We don't really send out Christmas cards. Not sure why. I guess, I never really grew up with my family doing it, so I never think to do it. Anyway, I did want my Grandpa and James' Grandpa Max and Armina to know that we were thinking of them... I made some cards and made this little ornament to go inside them.

There's a little slit in each part to slide together to make the ornament.

It looks like this all together!

I made the chocolate bark, that mentioned in my last post, for everyone else!
It wasn't too expensive to make these gifts either, which helps us to be able to get everyone something, which makes me so HaPpY! I love my family a lot and love to try to think of something to give them for Christmas! Already thinking about next year!

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