Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Time To Bowl

Okay, sorry if this is getting old, but I'm going to talk about my sister passing away again. It's just where I still am and going to be for a while. After my sister's accident, the idea of doing anything like watching TV or a movie or just going out to try to have fun gave me this feeling of overwhelming selfishness. Even working out made me feel selfish. I know that it's not really rational and I know that Jen would think that is silly, but I felt like that all the same. After a few weeks, I decided I just need to force myself and hopefully it will get easier.

It's time to go bowling.

There's this place called Fat Cat's with bowling, arcade, miniature golf, in-door playground, and a restaurant and we had been wanting to try it out for a while.

We weren't exactly sure how Tali would do with her first bowling experience.

Aren't these bowling shoes ADORABLE in her size?! Cuteness!

Tali dancing it up!

Tali had a lot of fun, dancing to their music and running around. James was about to have an anxiety attack, trying to keep Tali mindful of others and keeping out of their way as they were trying to bowl. I worried a lot about her little fingers getting pinched around the area where the bowling balls come back to you. BUT I still enjoyed it, being with my little family and getting out. I think I won too :)


  1. It's good that you were able to get out and have a little fun! And I'm just going to reply here to your other couple posts while I'm at it... that must have been so frustrating to have the doctors be confused about something you knew your daughter needed. And even after you told them what it probably was. They say a child's best doctor is their mother. And I think it's good that you are wanting to talk about Jennifer. I actually didn't know her real well so I enjoy getting to see glimpses of the kind of person she is. She's like my hero kind of. Haha. In a way I look up to her and think about her randomly sometimes, even though that sounds weird because, like I said, I didn't get to know her well. Anyway, I like reading your blog! Keep writing!

  2. Oh Laurissa, don't ever feel like you can't talk about your sister! It will never get old. She is a huge part of your life, so I would be surprised if you didn't talk about her. I say keep writing, too! :)

  3. Thanks Steph! And I don't think that's weird at all :) It's amazing to see how many people were affected by her. I really appreciate the comment :)

  4. Thanks Abby! It helps to have encouragement!!