Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Love Day 2012

I'm a huge believer in Valentine's Day being a day not just for couple's, but to celebrate all the love you have in your life! I'm very blessed with lots of love in mine :) I have lots to be grateful for.

If you haven't heard, my daughter loves robots. I found these V-Day robots that she was super duper excited to put on her window. We put these up the same day we took the Christmas tree down lol.

Us girls getting ready for Valentines Day! I used my new Paul Mitchell straightener, my V-Day gift from James. (He stepped on my nice Paul Mitchell one a couple years ago and broke it. I guess the floor wasn't a good place to keep it. I had been using this big, clunky, old one that I had. You know how big and clunky the cell phones were in the 90's? That's how this straightener was.)

Daddy wearing his V-Day gift, a Jazz t-shirt. Atalia took this picture of James! Not bad!

Our cards that we made.
It was Atalia's first experience with pop rocks. It was pretty hilarious. She was unsure about all the popping.

We got Atalia a stuffed Valentine's dragon. She loves it so much! I thought it was cute how she had her arm around it while watching a show.

While daddy was at work, we made love day gelatins. We used some cookie cutters and decorated them with icing. Here are some of them. Beautiful lol.

She loved them.

I loved them.
I don't know why, but I feel like this is an awkward picture of me, like my head is on the platter too... weird.

I made a special dinner.

I made lasagna. I decided lasagna takes too much time and energy to make. See the heart? lol After cutting one serving out of it, you couldn't tell it was a heart anymore. Not worth it lol.

It was really yummy though.

I decided that next year we are going to do take-out.

We did fondue for dessert. Our favorite is the strawberries and angel food cake :)

James and I snuggled and watched a movie after getting Atalia to bed. Pretty nice love day!

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