Monday, April 2, 2012

Last Time Buying Diapers.. At Least For A While!

These were the last diapers we were buying for a while. As you can kinda see, they are santa diapers. They were on sale because Christmas was a few months ago.

Atalia was so excited for them. After putting them on her, she disappeared in her room for a while and came back wearing this Christmas hat lol.

Her Birthday was March 4th and I decided the week before to potty train her. Sometimes I get crazy ideas like this.

She was pretty much potty trained in 2-3 days! I don't feel like I can even really take any credit for it, she was just ready. The morning of the first day was hard, but then she just started to get it!

Things that helped us with potty training:

Waiting till she was ready was huge!

Rewards. Rewards. Rewards.
And when they run out, M&M's.

Lots of juice boxes to give lots of practice.

Having a portable potty to move to whatever room they are in for the first few days, making it easier to get to in a hurry. We now have transitioned to the ring that just fits over the big potty, which makes clean-up so much easier.

Getting an exciting potty.
The one we got plays music when they go (which was nice for me too, knowing when she went) and also turns into a stool. Having a stool is really nice to help them become more independent with being able to get up on the potty by themselves and wash their hands by themselves.

The first day, she went pantless, helping with when she was in a hurry.

Lots of positive encouragement and NO scolding with accidents, just matter-of-factly told that she only gets rewards when she makes it to the potty.

That's what I learned from this experience and worked for Atalia. Also, thanks to a lot of people's advice along the way! And a special thanks to my mom for sending more underwear and rewards when we were home-bound and out of those things!


  1. Good job!! Potty-training can be stressful. I really want Lincoln to be potty-trained so badly but I'm just waiting to get the gumption to get started. But not buying any more diapers is a great feeling!

  2. I've been waiting for you to blog about this! haha, way to go!! Sounds like it went well! But I am sure she will have a few accidents. Heck Miley does now and she is almost 4. Sometimes they get to playing and don't want to stop just to use the potty so don't get discouraged if that happens.