Monday, April 16, 2012

Shirley Temple And Harry Potter

I think it was a little more than a month ago that we went up to Logan to see James parents perform in the Children's Storytelling. We stayed at my parents :)

My parents are housing a horse for some friends and they've really come to like having the horse around.

Atalia's cruls reminded of Shirley Temple.

Quick walk to the park.

We met Grandma and Grandpa and had lunch. Then we went off to this Harry Potter thing going on at the theater where my in-laws were performing that night.

Entering the Harry Potter area.

They did the sorting hat and Atalia was Gryffindor. Awesome.

She's wearing her Gryffindor sticker.

They give you a broom and a ball and take you through a hallway and at the end, you get the ball through this wreath hanging in the air. I think Atalia got it right in the first try! I was impressed.

Then you enter a room with a lot of games. There was a potions table, a cake-walk Harry Potter theme game, and dueling with wands game. You win tickets with each game and then you can turn your tickets in for candy which included the every flavor beans.

James getting ready to duel.

James and his dad dueling with wands.

There were some book-signings and things going on that we looked around at and then walked down Main Street and stopped at this candy store. They had this game that you give a quarter to and put your hand on it and then it tells you what you are going to be.

It said Atalia would be an artist.

I think it said I would be a lawyer. I'm skeptical that it can really tell the future.

That night we watched my in-laws perform. It was so fun! They are so talented. I was glad my parents could see them perform too :) I think Atalia was really proud of her grandparents too. We all went out to eat after that and we went home the next day. Even with my energy being so low, it was still lots of fun!

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