Thursday, May 17, 2012

Family Night At Dee's

 A little while ago, for family night, we went to Dee's restaurant. It's not the classiest place, it kind of reminds me of a Village Inn, but the food was really good. I'm always up for some good comfort food.

I got the Texan breakfast platter, planning on splitting it with Atalia. It was way more food than I realized though. I felt kind of embarrassed when they brought it all out. I wanted to be like, "I'm pregnant, don't judge me!" lol I felt better when we had plenty of leftovers and wanted to show everyone on our way out, like see, I didn't eat it all! 

My favorite is spending time with these two. That's when I'm happiest and we're excited for our new addition to come and just add to the happiness.

I think I'm having a boy. I've heard that you're much hungrier when having a boy and that you carry them lower than girls. And so far, I've had both. Though, I thought Atalia would be a boy lol. Boy or girl, we are excited! I guess we'll find out in about a month!

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