Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hi Sage & Raden!!

A few weeks ago, we got to spend some time with Sage, Raden, and Bryson! They came and picked me and Tali up to go back to Logan with them. (James came later during the weekend)

Jen and I always said that our kids would be best friends and we would always try and push/force them to play with each other lol. In the past, Sage was always so excited to see Tali, but Tali was more reserved and wouldn't always give Sage a lot of attention. 

...this time was different! Yay! Tali went right up to Sage and started talking about Sage's pretty shirt and Sage got so excited and said, "She talks!" lol I think Tali hasn't talked a lot to her in the past.

The kids in the back. 
They were pretty sweet to watch and Tali and Sage would make each other laugh most of the way up to Logan. 

Don't worry! There's more to come!

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