Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sage And Atalia

These two girls got a long pretty well and then they would also fight like sisters. At their age, they would misunderstand each others tones and would think that the other one would be telling the other not to do something or that they were in trouble and that was the premises for most of their fights. Atalia would get so emotional and burst into tears lol.

The maddest I've ever seen Atalia, was after one of their fights. I took her upstairs like usual, to talk about what happened. This particular time, I sat and listened while she paced back and forth, ranting/telling me what happened, most of it not really comprehendible. I gathered the best I could from what she was telling me and told her that if Sage is doing something that she doesn't like then she needs to tell her, "No, thank you." She was like, "Yeah!" Then she ran to the top of the steps and yelled, "Sage! NO, THANK YOU!" She ran back in the room that I was in and let out a, "Grah!" with her little fists clenched at her sides. She then collected herself and went down the stairs saying, "Sage, I'm all better!"

Atalia will be the first to say that Sage is her best friend :)

In this video, the girls were singing loud nonsense songs that they were making up, while jumping in a puddle. I went inside to get my camera and when I came out, Atalia was sitting in the puddle.

This video, you get my whole one-sided conversation on the phone with my dad, making plans for the movies that night, while videoing the girls. 

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