Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mountain Man Rendezvous

 We went to a Mountain Man Rendezvous with my dad.
It was interesting. I felt instantly out of place when we arrived lol. I really didn't feel like I belonged, everyone was decked out in their mountain man clothing and they were definitely playing the mountain man part. Some you could tell probably were real-deal mountain men, but others... it was dress-up. It was all in good fun though and they were having a good time.

James and I got something to eat called, A Walking Taco. Sooo... what they do for this Walking Taco is cut open a Frito's bag and just add fixings of chili, salsa, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream. It was really good lol. I thought it was funny how they just served it in the Frito's bag.

It was chilly! We weren't quite prepared for how chilly it got.

Haha Tali probably looked the most out of place out of all of us at the Mountain Man Rendezvous.

Sorry, dad! I got you with your mouth full!

A storm was a comin', it's time to go!

After we got some home-brewed root bear, we left. As we were heading out, there were some mountain men coming in and one said loudly, "A little wind picks up and people start leaving!" I was offended lol. I wanted to be like, "I HAVE A TODDLER! We are not dressed up in wool clothing like the rest of you. DO I LOOK LIKE A MOUNTAIN MAN?!" lol I had a not so nice thought as we were pulling out that the freezing rain that was starting would have to make him turn right around and leave. Not proud of that thought.

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