Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4th Of July 2012

 Here is our 4th!! 
I wanted to get up and go to a parade... but the parade started at 8:30.. which felt way too early that morning. Maybe next year!

Our red, white, and blue outfits..

Daddy wasn't as festive, but he did wear blue!

This was my jello fiasco. 
I stayed up late making it and then it didn't turn out very good. Boo. The cream cheese layer didn't mix well and ended up having a weird texture. 

The jello part was still good though.

We went outside to wait for James' family to arrive. 

I ended up feeling really tired, so I went back inside to rest.
Growing a baby is hard work sometimes.

I peeked out at James and Atalia outside the window while I was inside. James was chasing Atalia around a tree and she was giggling up a storm. Then they stopped so that James could fix her hair clip. Watching all this warmed my heart.

The Hansen's arrived and we got some food to take with us to Sugar House park.

Tali's favorite thing to do is to run up the big hill with someone. Just glad I didn't have to do it this time lol. I think she pooped everyone out.

We got some hot dogs to grill and later made s'mores.


Everyone just relaxed.

We walked around a bit to look at the kind of food and venders they had around. We came back and moved our spot to the hill for a better look at the fireworks to come.

Starting to fill up a bit more! By the end of the night it is so packed!

Tali had fun playing with everyone.

The fireworks were really good! A good show! 

Tali fell asleep on our walk back home. 

There are so many people trying to leave at the end, it's crazy! Last year, we drove and it took more than an hour to get home and it's normally a 5 minute drive. So, we walked this year, but it's a weird feeling walking with so many other people. James and I thought it felt like a zombie apocalypse with people fleeing a certain area or something. Yeah, we have dorky thoughts like that.

All that walking was not feeling so good on my pregnant body. I hate how pregnancy slowly takes you out of commission from normal things.

Another good 4th!

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