Monday, July 2, 2012

Done! Finished That Quiet Book!

Golly, I thought I was going to be working on this for the rest of my life! I've never worked on one project for so long and I hate the feeling of an unfinished project. I just had so many pages I wanted to complete. Eventually, I just had to throw in the towel and say I'm done, even though there are so many more pages I still want to make! I can always make another book in the future though. 

Our car, roadmap pages.
The garage door opens and door to the house, the carwash has loose fringe, and you can pump gas at the gas station.

Our cupcake and oven page! 

Sooo... really you can only fit one cupcake in the oven at a time.. not scale accurate.

Peek-a-boo page! 

Tali calls the boy on this page, daddy.

Tic tac toe.

Clock page.

Hanging clothesline dress-up page.
The clothes and people are foam and I just put some embellishments on them.

I had to make all my pages into three different books because of the thickness of them all.

The finished binding and covers...

I also added latches to keep them shut and more contained, but I haven't taken any pictures of that yet.

I'm kinda glad it ended up turning into three different books, that way I can pass them around between kids. 

Whenever I get around to making a fourth one, I may make it a little smaller.

You can find my other pages that I've made here and here.


  1. Those are super cute!! Good job! You're super crafty!!!

  2. You are super mom!! Those pages are awesome!! I love them all. You are so super talented! One day when we move back to Utah if you are still around you can teach me how to be as awesome as you are! ;-)

  3. Thanks guys!

    Kristin, you plan on someday moving to utah??!!! I think that is a great idea!!