Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Revamping The Jewelry

I love jewelry. I love pretty little trinkets and stuff. Jewelry is the one thing I have a hard time getting rid of, even if it's broken beyond repair. I used to glue broken jewelry to picture frames like a collage, which was a great way to use my broken jewelry and give them purpose again. 

Anyway, every so often, I have to go through a pile of broken jewelry that's bult up and fix them. This time around, I had a lot of jewelry needing fixed! I think I'll put a lot of the blame on Tali for those times when she gets into my jewelry :)

After fixing tons of jewelry, I decided to try to make a few pieces that I don't like so much and make them better!

This was the first one I tried to fix...
 I always felt like it looked pretty cheap and young.

I usually love big earrings, but I thought these would look better if it were just one simple flower. Using little jewelry pliers, it was simple thing to fix. 

I like them so much more!
Not sure what's going on with Atalia's grumpy expression.

..but I love her!

Tali found a top to a bottle, if you were wondering what was in her mouth.

Next fix it... these red earrings. Never really liked these...

I decided to paint them!
Some pictures turned out blurry :(

I like them so much more!
Sorry, I have tired face! It just comes naturally nowadays. 

These ones I was never thrilled with either...

I painted these pink. I liked them better... but I still think I may try painting them another color. Still not thrilled with these ones.

Closer look.

I didn't get a before picture of this bangle bracelet. It used to be white with large black polka dots. I got it back in middle school, I think. I painted It this turquoise color and like it so much more! Do you like my awkward hand pose? lol I do.

 This is my last earring revamp. I didn't get a before picture with this either. It used to be one plack polka dot. I decided to paint it gold. Much better! 

These are probably my favorite ones that I made tried to make better.

That's it!  

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  1. You are so pretty. I love what you did with your jewelry. My favorite are the first pair of pink ones!!