Monday, August 27, 2012

Four Wardrobe Changes: Outfit #1

We had a quick day in Logan with Jon and my family. The good thing is that I took TONS of pictures and videos. So much so, I decided to split up the day into four different posts. I chose four because Sage had four different wardrobe changes that day lol. 

So, Sage's first outfit...

Playing outside for a bit in the morning.

Hanging out in the yard... 

Sage LOVES to roll around in this car! Her favorite. She likes to pretend that she's leaving everyone to go to the store and brings us back groceries.

Cute Raden.

Tali and Sage conversing...

Sharing pizza for lunch...

Playing in the pool water! They were collecting water from the pool and pouring it out on the driveway to make a big puddle. They were working hard on this project together.

Raden is so funny how he just follows along when things get exciting.

I tried to get them on video running back and forth excitedly while making their puddle, but then Tali and Sage kind of collided turning around to run back and Sage fell down and started crying. Then Tali started crying because she felt guilty I think, though it was just an accident. Anyway, I tried to cut the video short before all that.

Okay, that's all the happenings that I got while Sage was in that first outfit of the day... three more outfit changes to go!

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