Sunday, October 24, 2010

Atalia in her Indian Costume!

Atalia's hair! (please ignore my tired face) I was nervous about this part of getting her ready. Sometimes she'll make it tough on me to do her hair, but she was really good! I always turn on a show for her to watch while I get her ready for the day, it helps her to be more patient with me while I'm tugging and pulling on her. I used hairspray for the first time on her!

Here is Atalia with her under clothes on and hair in place.

I was also really nervous about her clips that I made. I wasn't sure if they would stay in or look right, or if she would pull them out, but they made it through the whole night!

This was the best picture we got of it all together. (we were having a hard time getting used to our new camera) You can see her bracelet in this picture...and her boots!

Here's another picture of her in her costume before we left.

Atalia and cute Olivia at the trunk-or-treat...messing with some of the games set up :)

This is pretty much it. I wish we had gotten better photos showing her costume all together. I'll be getting myself used to our camera!

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