Saturday, October 23, 2010

Atalia's Indian Costume

This year I wanted Atalia to be an Indian for Halloween and once I get something in my head, it is hard to get it out. I LOVE shopping online and found a cute Indian costume that I fell in love with for Atalia, but I could not find ANYTHING in her size. I started to get a little disheartened and started to entertain the idea of her being a turkey for Halloween, but again, I couldn't find a turkey costume in her size either. So, I thought, either I settle for a pumpkin costume (I did find a really cute one online) or get myself some materials and make her into an Indian! It took a lot and I finally committed to making her a costume.

This is the pattern I picked out to use for her costume.
The costume that I liked online had fringe right where the ruffle is on this pattern, so I thought that I could just turn her ruffle into fringe. Plus, this is a pretty basic pattern...which I needed.

So, here is the final product!

It needed a little more something, so I first hot-glued this
blue ribbon, with the zig-zag design over a dark brown ribbon to make one ribbon (is that confusing?) and then I hot-glued it above the fringe on top and bottom. That part ended up being easier than I expected with my good friend the glue-gun.

Here is a closer look.

Here is the back...not all that great, but I'm happy with it. I've never done a zipper before (which the pattern called for), instead I sewed buttons and elastic loops to keep it closed in the back. She's going to be wearing a brown shirt underneath, so I wasn't too worried about it being perfect.

I also made two clips to go right above her pink tails that she'll have (it is amazing what you can do with a hot-glue gun and some materials). Then I made her three bracelets to wear...we'll see if she keeps those on the whole time.

Well, that's it! I'll post some pic's after tonight to see it on her all together!


  1. Oh Riss! I love it. It's just adorable and Tali will look great in it. I can't wait to see it on her. You should feel proud of yourself. Now, you know how to make her a dress too!

  2. so laurissa i was should probably have your own t.v. show, like be the next martha stuart (but without committing any crimes! hehe) but i am SERIOUS! you are SO creative and i absolutely LOVE her costume! how you were able to change up the pattern to make the costume...WOW! it makes me want to go and see what i can do with some patterns i have! laurissa hansen...such an inspiration... :) seriously though, GREAT JOB!!!! it's amazing! p.s. PLEASE post pictures of her in it at halloween! :)

  3. That looks great! I wish I had those skills!!

  4. I love it!! It is adorable. You seriously amaze me with your sewing skills!

  5. Jen, you're right! I could make a dress with that pattern, but for now, I'm a little sewing machined out! lol Again, wish we could be sewing together :(

    Joy, you always say the nicest things! You're so sweet. Thanks for building me up :)

    Thanks Abby and Kristin! It's fun to see what everyone is working on or up to through their blogs!

  6. Dang! I didn't know you MADE her costume! So awesome!!!