Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That Owl Movie

James and I had a lot of fun seeing Legend of the Guardians (that owl movie) last night. Don't judge me, but I don't really like the 3D movies...though I had only given it a chance once when we saw Alice in Wonderland (wonderful movie!). I just felt like things in the background were blurry, giving me a major headache and making it hard to enjoy the movie. Anyway, James said that I had to give 3D another chance...which I did with a lot of grumbling. I LOVED the 3D in that owl movie!!!!! it was beautiful and no blurriness or headaches!! (though I did take some ibuprofen in anticipation of getting a headache)

James and I went on a Monday night and had the whole theater to ourselves. So we made ourselves comfy and snuggled as we watched this fun movie in 3D. Happy night!

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