Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Spur of the Moment Craft Project


First, I would just like to say sorry for the gazillion new posts in the last few days. I feel like that could get annoying! I don't know if it's just because I've been without a camera for the last few months and I'm really excited to not have to think of new creative ways to use my Macbook Photo booth program any more or what! Anyway, I'm sure it will die down eventually. Sorry!

Today, I covered a box with paper and Atalia and I went to town coloring all over it and putting stickers on it. It changed things up a bit from just coloring in a coloring book or on blank paper. Atalia LOVED putting stickers on it and was proud of herself when she could finally get the sticky sticker off her finger and on the box. Atalia also LOVED peeling the stickers back off the box as well, taking some of the paper off with it. It wasn't meant to be a big deal or anything, just something we could spend time doing together.

I thought it was really cute how Atalia would stick her tongue out while she was concentrating. (Above)

We use the Twistables Crayons and I love them! It helps to keep the crayons from breaking (even though Atalia still found a way to break a few of them) and you can use the crayon right up by twisting it when the tip gets low. Really a great invention.

While I was watching Tali color the box, I started wondering what I could use the box for. I thought that the box would make a great craft box for Tali (when I think of crafts for Tali, I think of crayons, coloring books, markers, chalk, paper, and stickers).

During her nap time today, I got going on making the box pretty. I wrapped it with tissue paper that was lying around and trimmed it (using a glue-gun) with some fabric that also was just lying around. I found a pretty scrap-booking sticker that wasn't being used and centered it on the front of the box. And there ya go! A cute craft box for Tali.

I decided that the box needed to go up somewhere high, out of the reach of my toddler that would love to spread it's contents around the entire house.

After this spur of the moment craft project, I decided that I'm a little craft projected out (maybe still worn out after making her Halloween costume) ( and I LOVE craft projects!). So, I may be taking a break from them for a little bit.

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  1. Don't stop posting!!! I love it and I check it more then once a day sometimes haha. So, no apologies. and you're right, I should start blogging again since I pushed you to do it hah.