Thursday, October 7, 2010

Switching It Up With Scripture Study

I finished reading The Book of Mormon again and I was looking to find some way to switch it up for my self (trying to get myself from falling into casually reading it and into making it more into a scripture study.)

Last time I was looking for a way to go about it differently, I literally read it from the end to the beginning. I started with the last book in The Book of Mormon and worked my way to the beginning. That may sound strange, but if you know me, it might not.

Recently, I got an idea to read my husbands copy of The Book of Mormon. It has been a lot of fun to go through it with my husbands insights underlined and written in the margins, a lot of it from when he was on his mission. I've come across things that made me look at it from a different perspective and really got me pondering and experiencing new insight for myself. Occasionally, I've come across a verse that he has written one word next to that I didn't understand what he meant by it, which has lead to a lot of fun discussions with my husband. Sometimes these discussions trigger a spiritual experience that he had that he hasn't shared with me before, or one that he has forgotten about. I've grown more through this than I have expected and thought other's might enjoy it as much as I have.


  1. laurissa, you are one of the cutest people in the world! i LOVE this idea and want to do it as well! and i totally laughed when you said that you read it backwards! ha! only my dear friend lawissa would do that! you are adorable! i miss you and wish we could hangout again!

  2. aww joy, you're so sweet! your comment made my day! i REALLY wish we lived closer too, so we could hang out!!!!!!!