Monday, November 8, 2010

Mascara Help!

They have discontinued the best mascara in the world!! In my opinion at least. Loreal's Featherlash mascara was amazing! My eyelashes have never been the same since I have ran out :( and I have been around the block with mascara's (meaning, I've tried many different kinds). Mascara is SO expensive too, but it is one beauty product I cannot live without.

I was wondering if anyone out there has found an amazing mascara that they would like to share with me? I did see that I can still find the Featherlash mascara online to order, but then with shipping and handling...I would prefer to not have to go that far for my lashes (though I might one day). I would rather have the convenience of finding it at my local drugstore, so I'm up for any suggestions that anyone has! Please help me!

I did recently read in a magazine that if you find your mascara discontinued or if it just ends up being too expensive, you can just use your favorite mascara wand and dip it in a cheaper brand of mascara. The magazine said that since all mascara formula's are almost identical that it is the wand that is what actually makes the difference. I might give this a try...but first I would need a Featherlash wand...I am so disheartened over this, can you tell? Pretty pathetic.


  1. oh no laurissa! that is terrible news! i know how you feel, they discontinued my favorite eye shadow a while ago. i dont think women ever get over it! :) as for the mascara part, i liked the covergirl lashblast but haven't used it in a while. i am a clinique girl. i will be sending my good thoughts and prayers your way, good luck on your search, friend!

  2. lol Joy, you crack me up. Thank you for your prayers lol! Actually, Lashblast has been my tide me over mascara!