Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Atalia's Mischievousness

More Pictures of Atalia from the last few days.

Atalia's at an age where I find her getting into things and causing mischief. It sure is cute though.

I found Tali with my husband's shorts on...

...both of her legs were in one leg hole.

I found Tali sitting in a green patch of spinach on the kitchen floor. By the time I took the picture, we had already started to pick most of it up.

This was right before Tali and daddy were going to go out to spend some daddy daughter time together (she is being a little impatient, all ready to go out the door). They walked around the mall and daddy even got her a peanut butter cookie for being such a sweetheart.

Tali is wearing her uncle Jon's hoodie. She thought it was pretty special that he let her wear it.

Tali loves the kitty SO MUCH! He's always mildly annoyed by her.

The rest of these pictures were just us playing in her room.

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