Saturday, November 13, 2010

Meet the Newest Member of the Hansen Family!

Meet Baldwin!!!!
He is a Betta fish and he is beautiful.

We got him a bowl of his own, some gems, and a treasure chest.
After getting it all set up, I added the water. I learned that the shape of the bowl plus water equals a mad house mirror affect, distorting what I put inside, making it look like a few gems and a huge treasure chest. Ho hum.

From this angle, it looks more true to size.

Wanted to make him feel more at home with a welcome home sign.

About to show him to his new bowl.

Pretty sure Baldwin likes it!

Baldwin quickly started looking around.

I was excited to see him exploring his treasure chest!

Atalia is excited to have Baldwin in the family.

I LOVE Atalia's smile in the picture above :)

She watched him swim around for a long time.

I couldn't bring myself to leave out any of the pictures of Atalia with Baldwin, they are too precious.

Baldwin has a nice spot in Tali's room.
I thought it was funny that he kept looking at the little girl statue.

I've got my eye on you, kitty!

I hope that Baldwin lives a long happy life with us. He hasn't been eating his food. We're going to get him some pellets food to see if he prefers that (we bought him the Betta flake food).

Never thought that I would care about a fish this much.


  1. Our beta lived 3 1/2 years. Chuck Norris we miss you!

  2. I had a beta that lived for 2 years once. His name was Angus and I was really sad when he died! Have fun with Baldwin!

  3. I'd be happy if he lived for 6 months lol! He's still not eating his food... :( but we got a different kind to try. Love the names Angus and Chuck Norris!!