Friday, November 12, 2010

Yet ANOTHER Picture of Tali Playing...

I'm kinda wishing I had another blog for just the day to day updates of Atalia. I feel like it gets obnoxious with all my posts that are just of her playing yet again in her room or something. Though I'm not really planning on stopping it either lol. So, I'll try to keep it clear in the title of a post what the post is exactly about. That way, if you don't want to see yet ANOTHER picture of Tali playing in her room, but in a different outfit, you can just ignore it.

Here, Tali is with her Uncle Jon drawing pictures on some mail. She now tries to say "Uncle Jon" though it comes out more sounding like, "Onka On" Whenever you color with her or play with play-doh, she always says, "Ball? Ball?" wanting you to either draw a ball or form one out of play-doh.


She got herself all dressed up! She prefers to wear more than one tutu.

She's not showing it in the picture, but she is actually scared of bubble wrap. The little ones aren't as bad, but when I started popping those bigger ones, she didn't even want it to go near her. I put it on the floor and she ran in the opposite direction. She calls it "Buh-bowl" (bubble).

She's sad because the tin was stuck on her shirt. It was a traumatic experience.

She looks so old to me in this picture.

Playing with a collection of Happy Meal toys that Grandma had.


  1. Don't stop... I like it! I think Tali might have your same fashion sense with her socks. I like how she has one sock on and one off (not 2 matching socks :)