Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Keeping Up

I've found that it is really hard to keep up on making posts this month, especially as it gets closer and closer to Christmas. I've been busy baking, shopping, wrapping, crafting, and planning like crazy. I've managed to take a few pictures of Atalia in-between. Here are just a few pictures I've taken of Tali the last few days.

This week, I'm making Tali wear green or red everyday. I promise I will not force this upon her as she gets older, but for now she doesn't really mind. I just thought it would be festive.

I got her hair in a side pony tail! Pretty adorable.

Sunday was our Christmas church service. I loved Tali's Christmas dress. In these pictures she looks more disheveled 5 hours later after putting it on.

She was piling on her hair bands on her leg while we were trying to catch a nap.

Looks like a bunch of garters lol.

These next few were taken last week.
(felt like I needed to explain the lack of red and green in her attire lol)
She is obsessed with Christmas trees.

That's all for now!!

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