Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Mom Turns 48!

My mom turned 48! (I accidently put 47 on her Birthday cake...she didn't mind) I actually have more pictures of Jon on her Birthday than her lol. (She didn't want her picture taken)

Hello Jon.

Tali had a little more sugar than I would have liked her to have.

We decorated my mom's cake from a ginger bread mold.

There's my mom's arm! She's holding the yellow icing. Happy Birthday Mom!

My handy work is the was harder than it looked!

Look at her cute braid! It was so cute!


  1. Laurissa, I found a link to your blog from Abby's and it was fun to see what you and your family have been up to! Your little girl is adorable and I love those puppets that you made! I hope I don't seem like too much of a stalker :) feel free to check out my blog:


  2. can't wait for max to have hair!!! my mom was 37 when she had me, so i was 11 when she was 48. crazy!