Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Nativity Puppets

I've been wanting to start some family traditions , especially with Atalia getting older. On Christmas Eve, I want to read the nativity story from the Bible and act it out with puppets. So, I had to get started on making these puppets. I'm hoping these puppets will last years and years down the road and will bring a lot of happy memories to my family!

I started off looking at a bunch of pictures and puppets online and came up with what I wanted mine to look like. I drew a rough copy of each puppet (please don't judge my pictures!).

(my standard template for each puppet)

I cut out a a basic body template to use for each puppet and then got to work on cutting out pieces to make each puppet's clothes and hair. I would place the cut-outs out where I planned on glueing them (I used felt glue) to help me visualize what it was going to look like. Then I sewed the puppet together, glued on the pieces, and drew the face on with a felt tipped pen. It took me about two weeks to finish and there are definitely things I would change if I were to go back, but over all, I am excited about them.

I was scared to make some of the animals and baby Jesus, thinking they were going to be the hardest ones to make, but they ended up being my favorites. I also really like the wise men as well. I plan on putting a little bit of velcro on the wise men's hands and a little bit on the back of their gifts to baby Jesus, so that they can be a fun prop when we are acting out the story. I'm also planning on making a pouch/pocket/bag-thingy that buttons closed to keep them all safe until they are ready to be used.


  1. Holy Smokes!!! Those are sooooooooooooooooo cute!! How clever of you!! I can't get over how incredible they are!! Way to go you are amazing!!!

  2. Wow Riss! I love them! They are perfect and look like they took tons of time! I love the baby Jesus one. I'm sure your family will love these as they grow up. I bet Tali already does :) Really they are amazing! I want to see them in person. remember when we used to do felt dolls when we were little? haha brings me back. Although this is much more work and effort. Just think how something you made will make your kids so happy for years to come. Someday I want to make little felt toys, like felt play food or something.

  3. I love these!!! They are super cute! You should share your template! I am so impressed, although I already know that you have mad crafty skills. :)