Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finding Some Entertainment

It's harder to find things to do during the winter! Sometimes you have to make a game out of a marble and a cardboard pipe that used to hold wrapping paper. This is the game that Tali and played and kept us entertained for at least 45 minutes:

This actually kept us entertained for a little while during the day.

Tali looking for the marble.

To explain the game... you put the marble through one end and watch it come out the other and then chase down the marble and do it again. Yeah, we are in need of getting out.

The marble.

Once we were done with the game, I made sure to put the marble away in a safe spot. I just want to say that we don't normally play with choking hazards.
Tali has also been tormenting the cat more than usual since we've been a little more cooped in by winter.

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  1. great idea! the winter has got us in the dumps for activities. finally got to go for a walk outside this week. felt soooo good:)