Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fighting With Ferocity

Our poor little family got really sick this past week! The hardest part was Tali being sick (the sickest she's ever been). Having a cough was new to her and made her cry a few times the first day, which broke my heart. She lost her little voice (which would have been really cute if it weren't for her not feeling very well). But, overall, she was a complete sweetheart through the whole thing. She got to snuggle and watch movies with mommy, got to sleep in mommy's bed for a few nights, got to eat lots of jello, popsicles, and fruit, got to take lots of bubble baths, and got to spend a lot of time in comfy jammies or just a diaper.

James took Tali in and found out that she has an ear infection in both of her ears. We got her antibiotics and she is loving the bubblegum medicine! We address the medicine as "pink", which makes Tali excited to take it.

Once Tali got sick, we pulled out everything we knew to make it as easy on her as possible (and us as well!).

The humidifier was like our #1 VIP and the Vick's vapor rub too.

It started to look like a pharmacy in our room lol. We got everything we could think of to make our unpleasantness more...pleasant.

Also lots of "feel good" food.

James is feeling a bit better and Tali is back to her old self and sleeping through the night again. I got sick a little later in the game and I'm still recovering. You can still smell the Vick's vapor rub in our room :)


  1. Ick, this reminds me of a few months ago when we all got sick. I HATE it when the kids get sick, and it's even harder when you're sick, too. Our kitchen counter started to look like a pharmacy, too. And our humidifier has pretty much become a regular in the kid's room. Glad you all are starting to feel better!!

  2. I'm sorry I can't imagine two ear infection yikes. Maddie recently had strep coupled w/ one ear infection and its been a nightmare followed more recently with the flu. So pretty much I've been a shut in the last month. I think we're almost out in the clear, hoping, praying that there is no more illness in this house. So I'm sorry you've had to endure sickness as well and I had to laugh at the pharmacy you've acquired, you're a good mom. P.S. I found your blog when I noticed I had a new follower :)