Friday, February 11, 2011

3 Steps Forward, 2 Steps Back

Unpacking (or packing) with kids is hard! And I only have one toddler! It's a constant three steps forward two steps back. But that is when a mommy's creative juices start to kick in. I unpacked her sidewalk chalk and when she saw it her eyes lit up and she started to ask, "ca-wur, cu-wur!?" (color, color) and I started to explain to her that it is an outside toy when I got the bright idea that it wouldn't hurt anything in the apartment, it's just chalk. So, I let her have the chalk to color all over any box of her desire. Thank goodness for those little moments of inspiration that bought me some time to get some more done.


  1. aww, how cute. It's funny, I just realized today that I have to start coming up with new activities for Sage to do because toys just don't do it anymore. She gets bored with them now. I bet it was a relief when the chalk thing worked and kept her busy haha. Oh and I want to see more pictures of your apartment soon, hint hint. I know it's still in boxes though, but when its now, put pictures up!

  2. "when it is not" is what I meant to say! geesh