Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Make plans, but allow for changes."

So, sometimes I get an idea in my head and then I have a hard time settling for less. Not my greatest quality.

James and I were running all over town trying to find a McDonalds that had a toy area for Tali to play in and internet (this was before we had internet). I thought it would be good for Tali to get out of our apartment and run around and then I could get a little internet fix. We all win! Right?

We were running all over the place...or I was having James run me and Tali all over the place, trying different spots where I had thought I had seen one. While we were running around we got rear ended at a stop light. Luckily it felt a lot worse than it was. Tali was hungry and sick of being in the car, poor James was being patient with me giving him the run around all over the place, I was frustrated that we were having so much trouble and trying to make Tali happy in the back seat, and we got rear ended.

...let's just get that happy meal!

We made it back to the one closest to our didn't have a play area, but Tali really didn't mind.

Oh, happy meal.

Why does she eat the way she does?? lol

"Make plans, but allow for changes." I think that quote was made for me :)

In the end, everyone was happy.


  1. lawissa, you are hilarious! i am happy everyone was happy in the end! i love that quote you said about allowing changes and need to incorporate that into my life! and just to let you know, you are rockin that red coat! i love it!

  2. lol yes, I'm still wearing my maternity coat!

  3. love that pic of you and Tali at the McDonalds. Its a good'un. Wish I could hear what Tali'gal was saying. Love you guys