Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blue Skies Ahead

(Please look past how dirty our windows are in the pictures. I know it must look like a driving hazard, but it didn't look as bad in person! And we've done a ton of driving okay!)

We noticed as we were heading closer and closer to Salt Lake City how blue the sky was ahead of us and how dark the cloud was behind us. We were hoping this was a good omen for the next adventure in our lives and for the year 2011!

This picture was supposed to show how blue the sky was ahead of us, but our windows are so dirty you can't really get the whole affect of it.

This one shows it a little better of the dark cloud behind us and a hint of the blue sky ahead... if you can just picture it with a lot less dirt.

Oh well, it was a bright outlook that it brought anyway. lol


  1. Very cool!! I'm so excited to see what your new adventure brings you... I wish we were joining you in SLC. One day ...

  2. I hope it's a good omen! :) I'm excited that you are closer now. Let us know when you get back up to Rexburg sometime!! Good luck with your new adventure.