Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Week With the Hansen's

YaY! We have internet! And I have a lot to catch up on!

After our trek across the united states, we spent a week with my in-laws before moving to Salt Lake City.

This was the first morning at Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's. Atalia was so out of it! lol

Tali was having a hard time with all the new transitions. She was incredibly shy with everyone and incredibly clingy to me. I mean I couldn't even go to the bathroom without her throwing a hissy fit! Every-so-often though, she would show her goofy self. Not until the evening on our last day, did she finally come out of her shell.

"Pompa" (Grandma) reading a book to Tali.

The kitty was the only one that Tali was not shy with.

Trying to put earrings on Daddy.

Grandma giving Tali "the claw!!!"

We got a picture of Sam and Tali!!
...in passing...and most of Sam is not in the picture lol

Daddy playing with Tali after a diaper change.

I wish I would have done better at taking pictures this week. I always get uncomfortable taking other people's pictures, like I'm being intrusive. But then I miss out on taking some really fun pictures.

We had a really nice visit. We watched some good movies, took Tali to the play toy at Arctic Circle (she did really well!), played games, listened to Ammon and Grandpa sing to Tali, heard Izzy sing at church (she did an outstanding job!), ate out at Red Robin, walked around the mall, and had a really nice visit with my in-laws. I have the best in-laws.

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  1. Riss I'm checking your blog regularly now and I am loving it!