Monday, February 14, 2011

Toddler Friendly

As a baby, Tali was great at restaurants... as a toddler, not so much. It means a lot to be able to go out to eat every-so-often. We've eaten at Wingers twice in the last two weeks and I wanted to recommend it as being toddler friendly! Between the popcorn they serve while you are waiting for your food, them making sure that they served Atalia's meal first or earlier than the rest of us (I appreciated them thinking of her), the cups they served her drink in were more durable than most other places I've eaten at (helping with drink spills), and it is loud enough in there that if Tali throws a little fit, I don't feel like it is as noticeable or disruptive to other people's evenings, it has been extremely nice to be able to enjoy eating out with the family. If you have a toddler and want to still be able to enjoy an evening out to eat, I recommend Winger's!!

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