Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 4, 2011- She Turns Two!

I could feel her little spirit even before I knew I was pregnant. And even then I loved her so much.

What a beautiful baby.

This was Atalia's first Birthday.

I can't believe she is two!
She opened one of her gifts that morning (it's the horsey, laying next to her).

We ate doughnuts for breakfast... Tali just ate the sprinkles and frosting.

I curled her hair for the occasion (Which came right out after her nap) (So, I sprayed her hair with water, let it dry, and it curled right back up)

Opened some more gifts.

And played with her new toys.

We took Tali to a place called Kangaroo Zoo. It was so much fun! It's filled with blow-up toys that you slide down, climb on, and jump and bounce all over. Another thing that I loved about it was that it only cost $5.00 for children 3 years and younger and their supervisors are free!

Tali was a little intimidated at first, just staying outside of the toys touching them here and there, but then she finally got gutsy (or we just threw her in one) and started bouncing around.

She had to go hug each yellow face.

After Kangaroo Zoo, we went to go see Gnomeo and Juliet. It was fun! I LOVE taking Tali to the movies, seeing her sitting in her own seat (we have to hold it down the whole time because she's such a feather-weight), watching her little hand make it's way to the popcorn bag, and her putting both hands to her cheeks and saying, "Oh, no! Oh, no! Oopsies! Oopsies!" as a reaction to one of the parts at the end of the movie.

The next day was her party, but we still wanted to sing happy birthday to her. So, we stuck some candles in a little cupcake for her and sang to her. It was a very nice birthday!

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