Thursday, March 10, 2011

Atalia's Birthday Party

This was the Birthday banner that I made for Atalia.

The party hats that I made!

James and I made those pink chocolate two's on the cupcakes and cake!

Tali's gift from Poppie and Mimi.

Hippo was able to make it to the party and even got all dressed up!

Our balloon wall.

The Birthday girl! I made her tutu and glued the gems to make a two on her white onsie.

Atalia wearing her Birthday hat.

Poppie was the first one to arrive!

Daddy wearing a Birthday hat.

Poppie wearing a Birthday hat

Hippo wearing a birthday hat.

Sitting with Hippo.

Giving Hippo a hug.


OH! Tali brought Daddy and Poppie under the table to play and now she wants Mamma to join them.

Now we are all under the table and we have a very happy girl :)

Grandma and Grandpa Hansen, Uncle Brig, Uncle Sam, and Aunt Izzy arrived with some gifts!

After opening all the gifts, we decided to spend the day at the zoo for Tali's Birthday.

Afterwards, we ate at Crownburger and then went home and had cake and ice cream. Tali had a really nice Birthday. Thank you, Poppie and Hansen's for coming and making Tali's second Birthday really special.

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  1. I love this post! First off, I love how you go all out on the decorations, food, party hats, etc. and make everything (and everyone) look so cute. It's so you! :) Second, I love how Tali is standing directly in front of the tv. That is EXACTLY how Lilimae used to watch movies all the time and sometimes still does. Tali looks so cute. Third, we have those squishy blocks and that rolling alligator, and Lilimae has those Dora pjs, haha. It looks like a fun birthday!! I hope you were feeling better for it!