Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh. So There's A Reason For That.

I LOVE waffles! I would choose waffles over pancakes any day! The one thing that pancakes have over waffles (in my opinion) is that you don't have to use a waffle iron to make pancakes. I hate getting out the waffle iron and only being able to make one waffle at a time.... it takes soooo long. Also, cleaning up the waffle iron afterwards is pain to me.

All of these thoughts lead up to my experiment... I was going to use waffle batter and cook it like a pancake. No waffle iron.

At first, it was exciting...

It seemed to be just like a regular pancake...

What happened is it just got thicker and thicker as it cooked. Maybe the picture doesn't capture it very well, but it was very thick... and dense. I realized that waffles are much heavier than pancakes. I feel kinda dumb, some of you are like, "Well, duh!" This was probably common knowledge for most people, but completely mind-blowing to me.

So, waffles are denser than pancakes (again mind-blowing for me). I guess the waffle iron always made it seem lighter to me, controlling it's thickness. I do not think I like waffles as much this way... too thick and heavy. I learned that there is a reason we use a waffle iron to make waffles.

Next experiment... PANCAKES IN A WAFFLE IRON!!! Haha just kidding... unless I get the urge to try it one day :)


  1. This is so funny. I've made pancakes in a waffle iron!! I can't remember why. I think maybe I just had some leftover pancake batter but was in the mood for waffles. It worked ok, but they didn't taste quite like "waffles." They weren't as heavy and dense, like you mentioned. Haha, the things you learn.