Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who Is Atalia?

My daughter is pretty shy and doesn't always allow people to get to know her. Here are 10 things about Atalia.

1. Atalia is extremely shy. Especially with adults (avoids eye contact at almost all costs). She opens up easier with other children... and cats.

2. Once she does open up, she is goofy, independent, mischievous, fun, nervous, sweet, loving, and knows what she wants

3. Atalia's hair grows straight forward, into her face and eyes. (With her somewhat curly/wavy hair, I'm not sure if she could pull off bangs, so we are waiting for it to grow out.)

4. Right now she is into counting (she counts to twelve, but sometimes forgets the number 5 and nine), pointing out what color everything is (she seems to LOVE red the most), "singing" her ABC's (she pretty much says the same few letters over and over again and will throw a number in from time to time), she loves to take her stuff animals (or coins) (or my jewelry) and pile them on a blanket, in a bag, in a box, or in any other container or nook she can find, and she really loves stickers (i'll find random stickers on me throughout the day).

5. Her favorite foods are cereal, fruit (LOVES fruit), pickles, condiments (will literally lick the condiments up and leave everything else), butter (unfortunately, we have found her on a few occasions eating a stick of butter before!) (so gross), ice cream, popcorn, cheese (though not usually when it is SLICED cheese), lettuce, and sandwich/deli meat. She is so strange, not only in what she likes to eat, but also in the manner that she eats it in. It's hard to describe, but it drives me crazy.

6. She especially loves monkeys and kitties.

7. Ever since she was maybe six months old, she goes to bed and down for naps willingly and happily. (something we are so grateful for)

8. Instead of answering us with a, "yes" she says, "ALRIGHT!" with a fist pump into the air and a little jump or two or three.

9. She is a blanky girl. Out of all of her blankies that she has, she has a specific one that she loves the most.

10. She is loved immensely by her parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles.

Here are a few pictures James got of her playing and being goofy.

(I look at these and just want to push that hair out of her eyes!)

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  1. This is so sweet!! I just want to give her a little hug!